Extremely hard-working  
Brutally  honest  
Obsessively creative  
We are a team of highly qualified specialists united by a sacred faith in the power of creativity. Creativity rises  up… rises us up…  also  You… and of course rises  Your customers UP^. Let’s grow together  !!!



 juosta pilkajuosta pilka










Designer, paper engineer

It all began from a love for paper… Design studios… 10 years of experience as a creative worker at advertising agencies …All of this has nurtured me as a creator. Led to the determination of what I love to do the most. Touch, feel, perceive … Cut, bend … Give life,  form, function… from sheet… rise UP^.









Designer, illustrator

As far as I remember .. my mind is filled up with unbelievably stories and characters …The drawing was one of the options to share with all this. So I started to realize myself as an illustrator about 15 years ago. Other measures followed then … photography, video, graphic design.I am french Brazilian. Latin passion mixed with elegance of ancient cultures is being used to express myself for you … creating… growing up^ …  ceaselessly-up.









Project coordinator

Breathing the air full of passion for creativity… looking at those nascenting beautiful things. Supervise each bend of the form, each semitone, so that they great their new home ready… to enslave the hearts of those they are dedicated to.That is the philosophy of my work.Giving a power to use all the knowledge, all  experience… to keep going, to improve… to rise UP^.